III Arms Company - by Patriots, for Patriots.

The Citadel Project

III Arms Company is unique among all firearms companies. III Arms was created by Patriots to help finance the Continuity of Liberty by supporting the formation of the Citadel Project. Our commitment? Help true Patriots who choose to live within Jefferson’s political creed of Rightful Liberty come together, build Tribe among the beautiful mountains of Idaho, live safely among like-minded Americans, and work toward restoration of Rightful Liberty as it was originally intended. 

Free Enterprise still thrives.  III Arms is dedicated to Arming the Good Guys™ and, as the very first III Project designed to help fund the Citadel Project, remains one of its strongest cornerstones. The Citadel Project is evolving into a multi-generational endeavor intended to support the fundamental ideals of Rightful Liberty.  Stop simply talking about Rightful Liberty. Come together and live it!  The preservation of Rightful Liberty and restoration of the Constitution take work. Some of us are doing that work locally.  We hope others will do the same on their patch of American soil. We shall not allow the principles on which this nation was founded to be lost for the next generation of Americans. Not here. Rightful Liberty cannot be allowed to survive merely as parchment preserved under hermetically sealed glass. 

The Citadel Project, with the help of III Arms, is bringing together principled Patriots committed to safely raising their families in an environment conducive to recapturing core American values: treat people with respect and compassion; live as you wish without infringing on the natural rights of others. Among ourselves, we aim to discard the reigning Me Culture and replace it with a We Culture: neighbor helping neighbor. Trust among Tribe has become a way of life.

We are creating a growing community not only where Tribe matters, but where children are nurtured and educated to understand that in a world that measures morality on a sliding scale, morality is not a malleable concept. Morality is immutable. It is an integral part of the character of a good people.

We watch from these beautiful mountains and fruitful plains as core American values come under attack everywhere. We watch the shredding of the U.S. Constitution excused as an act of political correctness.  We cannot – nor is it our intent – to impose our values on others.  But for those who share our values, we recognize that certain acts and deeds are both immoral and unconscionable. We recognize, too, that immoral acts and unconscionable deeds come with consequences.

III Arms is here to help good people defend themselves.  Defense of self, of  family, of Tribe is a natural right. It is not a privilege to be granted. It is not to be trampled, not by petty tyrants and certainly not by individuals bereft of common decency. 

Welcome are those with the mettle and spirit of John Parker at Lexington.  Welcome are those with a moral compass that still points True North.  Welcome are those with strength of character who choose to turn away from a culture of corruption and contentiousness and create instead a community where harmony is a way of life, where neighbors and friends still give each other a helping hand, where Tribe has true meaning, and where “I’ve got your back, my brother!” are not empty words.  

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