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No Background Checks

Question: Is it legal to build a firearm for myself without paperwork and background checks?
Answer: There are no federal laws against building your own firearms so long as you are not otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm, your build does not violate the National Firearms Act of 1934 (no automatic weapons, AOWs, short barreled rifles/shotguns), you finish the frame/receiver (the 'firearm') yourself using your own tools, and that the firearm is for your personal use.  ATF statement below:
     Individuals manufacturing sporting-type firearms for their own use need not hold Federal Firearms Licenses (FFLs). However, we suggest that the manufacturer at least identify the firearm with a serial number as a safeguard in the event that the firearm is lost or stolen. Also, the firearm should be identified as required in 27 CFR 478.92 if it is sold or otherwise lawfully transferred in the future.  - Link is here.
Question: Does my state have regulations against building my own firearm?
Answer: While most states do not, every state is different. Please check your state laws to ensure you comply.  In our home state of Idaho there are no prohibitions beyond those stated above by ATF.
Question: What makes the III Arms Build Kits different?
Answer: III Arms deliberately set out to build kits that will require minimal hand-fitting by the customer.  The 1911 is notorious for requiring many parts be hand-fitted to one another.  Our engineers have worked with CNC technology to nearly eliminate the need for hand-fitting.  As an additional step in our quality control regimen, our engineers test every critical-fit part and component in every Build Kit before it reaches you, the consumer.  
Question: If I have my 80% frame Cerakoted before finishing with the jigs, won't I have bare metal on the rails, barrel seat, sear and hammer drill holes?
Answer: Yes, you will.  When you cut the rails and the barrel seat, and drill the hammer and sear holes, the small bits of the underlying steel will be 'in-the-white'.  This is the one trade-off to building your own 1911, and it is a very insignificant detail. If you keep your weapon properly lubricated, you'll never have an issue, especially if you choose stainless steel or aluminum for your build.  Additionally, we recommend that you apply a bluing pen to exposed areas to eliminate all concern. 
Question:  How long will it take to receive my 1911 Build Kit?
Answer: Typically you can expect a 2-4 week assembly period once you place your order. Part of this is simply a result of the volume of orders we must process.  Part is our internal production schedule.  Finally, part depends on the workload of our partners that do various tasks like TiN coatings.  Generally speaking, if you order a basic Build Kit in the white (no coatings) you will be closer to the 2 week timeline.  

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