III Arms Company - by Patriots, for Patriots.


April 19, 1775: The King's Men marched on Lexington and Concord to destroy supplies held by the Massachusetts Militia and to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock.  A group of American Patriots led by Captain John Parker reached the end of their patience with tyranny.  

July 4, 1776: The Second Continental Congress approves the Declaration of Independence.

October 19, 1781: The British surrender at Yorktown.

December 15, 1791: US Congress ratifies the Bill of Rights.

1934: National Firearms Act enacted by Congress.

1968: Gun Control Act of 1968 enacted by Congress.

1994: The Clinton Assault Weapons Ban takes effect.

2012: A group of American Patriots launch III Arms Company.

2018 and beyond: Helping to arm American Patriots with modern tools of the Militiaman, free from the burden of ...those who mean to be Masters...

General Washington never had more than 3 percent of Colonists under arms and in the field at any time during the war.  

These were the original III Percent Patriots - and we are their posterity.

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