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18 November 2015

Oh, The View...

The 2015 Idaho PatCon was hosted at the mountaintop site owned by III Arms Company. 

The property sits near the peak of what we locals have begun to call Liberty Mountain. During PatCon, we were blessed with several crystal clear days gifting us with faraway views of the undulating curves of distant ranges. The views to the west from this particular spot are breathtaking. Sunsets mesmerizing.  Many of us paused our conversations and gathered here at the edge of the day marveling quietly. These mountains stood here before men walked this continent. Mountain lakes were formed here long, long ago.  Wildlife of old still roam here. The utter silence -- except for the wind and rustling leaves -- comes almost as a surprise when laughter, for a few moments, waned. 

At the end of it all, we realized we had taken so few pictures. These will serve as reminders. If you were there, Founders & Other Friends, Dare you not to smile.  

Minutes from St. Maries, Town Center

 Lineman's answer to the question: "Where's the beef?" 

If you haven't yet, take a few minutes and read The Citadel Project Page (Top). 

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