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06 December 2019

AR Lower 80% for Christmas - Santa Rocks!!

III Arms 80% AR-15 Lower available.

III Society logo engraved left side, III w/Stars engraved right side.  Parkerized.

Order for Christmas!  $250 w/FREE Shipping

02 December 2019

III Arms Company - 1911 Build Kit in OD Cerakote

III Arms Company - arming American Patriots.

No paper trails.

No FFLs.

This is the last build kit we are able to deliver before Christmas - and it is shipping out on Wednesday.  Stainless 1911 with OD Cerakote slide & frame, with black controls.

Visit IIIArms.com and place your order for a 1911 or AR 80% Build Kit for delivery in early 2020.

28 October 2019

III Arms Company Position on California AB-879

California recently passed AB-879.  Section 2 of the law lays out what the California Government calls 'precursor parts' and includes what most people consider to be 80% receivers.

California declares that such parts must be sold only through licensed dealers, effective 1 July, 2024.

III Arms Company finds the law to be unconstitutional and will continue to ship our products directly to customers within the state of California.

 ~ III Arms Company